“Olivia St. Clair, age seventy-two, will spend tonight in the Barnstable County jail, lying awake in a six foot square cinder block cell.

She does not know if she will see her beloved Cape Cod again.”
- From "Silent Suspect"
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Silent Suspect Book


On a dark summer night walking between her studio and the safety of her secluded house on Cape Cod, sculptress Olivia St. Clair, 72 years old and mysteriously mute, is startled by police officers who arrest her for the murder of her lover, Ezra Handley 32 years earlier in rural South Carolina.

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John Bartlemas
A Cape Cod solo practitioner, battling demons in his own life, reluctantly agrees to defend a stranger.
Bernard Le Roi, Jr.
The prosecutor, conscripted by an ambitious District Attorney, seeks answers from the trial for his interrupted childhood.
Olivia St. Clair
A successful sculptress who cannot speak is charged with murder and arson in rural South Carolina.
“I've spent a lot of time in courtrooms, and as for the rest, that's where imagination kicks in.”
- Tony Hawthorne


“Part legal thriller, part investigation into memory and loss, SILENT SUSPECT engages the reader's heart and mind from start to finish.”
- Ann Ireland, author of “The Blue Guitar."

“Tony Hawthorne has written a wonderful novel—a legal
thriller—and I urge you to devote the short time you will
need to read it.”
- Wight Martindale, Jr., author of “Inside the Cage”

“[A] sleek stylish murder mystery.... Strong characters, an intriguing story and a brisk pace make for a highly readable legal thriller.”
- Kirkus Reviews


A trial lawyer in the San Francisco Bay Area for over forty years, Tony Hawthorne's first forays into fiction writing were as a Yale undergraduate where he took Yale's infamous 'Daily Themes' coursefive short stories per week for an entire semester. The last child out the door to college, Tony joined writing seminars. 'Silent Suspect' is his first novel.